GRΣΣK Alumni Reunion

Save the Date! Alumni Weekend: September 26-29, 2013

GW Greeks!

This year marks a historic moment at GW with the celebration of the 155 years of Greek Life.  Starting with Sigma Alpha Epsilon in 1858, Greek Life at GW has grown to 49 national fraternities and sororities under the guidance of three Councils; Interfraternity Council, Panhellenic Association and the Multicultural Greek Council.

Join us for the Greek Alumni Reunion on September 28 from 8:30-11pm in the City View Room (1957 E Street, NW)

This webpage is the main point of communication for the many alumni who helped build GW's Greek community.  Check back frequently for updated information and to see scheduled events.  

Greek Chapter Events:
Saturday, September 28

  • ΦΣΣ Alumnae Brunch - 11am-1pm @ Phi Sig Townhouse F, 607 23rd Street NW 
  • KΣ Alumni & University Alumni BBQ - 12-2pm @ Anniversary Park, F Street NW between 21st and 22nd Streets
  • AΔΠ Alumnae Soiree - 12:30pm @ Alpha Pi Townhouse H, 607 23rd Street NW
  • ΔTΔ Alumni Open House - 4-7pm @ Delt House, 526, 22nd Street NW

Sunday, September 29

  • ΣΧ - Epsilon Housing Trust Annual Meeting - 12pm @ GW Townhouse, 23 & G Streets NW
  • ΣΧ - Epsilon Housing Trust Alumni Reception - 2pm @ GW Townhouse, 23 & G Streets NW

Greek Reunion Committee:

Sean Beaty, CCAS ’98 & LAW ’04, KΣ
Allison Marino, CCAS '13, ΦΣΣ  
Kristine Esposo, CCAS '07, ΦΣΣ
Moronke Akinso, SPHHS '10, ΔΣΘ  
Rebecca Naeder, CCAS ’12, ΦΣΣ
Christina Vásquez Mauricio, ESIA ’08, ΔΓ
Veronica Brown, ESIA ’12, ΦΣΣ
Adebisi Adebowale, GWSB ’10 & ’12, ΔΣΘ
Barbara Callahan, CCAS ’67, KKΓ
Christine Coleman, CCAS ’91, KKΓ
Cynthia Pedemonte, ESIA ’10, ΣΛY
Daniel Ericson, CCAS ’02 & LAW ’05, TKE
Deborah R. Harrison, CCAS ’77, ΔΣΘ
Dylan F. Pyne, CCAS ’12, ΔTΔ

Fiona Conroy, CCAS ’04 & GSPM ’06, ΦΣΣ
Frank Araby, CCAS ’84, ΣΧ
Ira Gubernick, GWSB ’86, ZBT
Jennifer Cameron, CCAS ’04, KKΓ
Kris Hart, GWSB ’11, ΦΣΚ
Kwasi Agyeman, CCAS ’12, KAΨ
Leah Bloomberg, CCAS ’07, AEΦ
Meshach Cisero, GWSB ’12, AΦA
Michael Dobson, CCAS ’05 & LAW ’09, KAΨ
Natasha Dupee, CCAS ’12, ZΦB
Shaun Omori, ESIA ’05, ΠΔΨ
Tiffany Yim, SEAS ’11, ΣΨZ
Titi Williams-Davies, GWSB ’07 & ’09, AKA
Vicktery Sanchez, ESIA ’11, ΛΠΧ


There are a some steps to get in the loop on plans for the 2013 Greek Reunion during Alumni Weekend and ensure that you receive all Greek Reunion information.

Contact us to get involved-1-800-ALUMNI-7 or Thanks and see you in September!