Alumni Bricks

Alumni Bricks

Beginning in 1990, each student receiving an earned degree has a brick engraved with his or her name and degree placed on campus. These personal mementoes form picturesque walkways through the quads and gardens of the Foggy Bottom campus.

Bricks for the classes 2002-2012 are located in University Yard. Bricks for the classes 1990-1995 and 1997-2001 are located in Kogan Plaza. Bricks for the class of 1996 are located in Anniversary Park (F Street between 21st and 22nd Streets).

Notice: Alumni Brick Program to End 

The option for graduates to request an engraved commemorative brick or a library bookplate will end with 2013 graduates. 
Although a review of the brick program was initiated because most of the Foggy Bottom brick hardscape spaces already have commemorative bricks, the office of the provost decided that the funds could be better allocated to scholarships.  The program has cost the university approximately $250,000 annually.  Going forward, this funding will be used each year to create a fund in the name of the graduating class to fund scholarships for future students. 

Brick Maps

Classes of 2002-2009 University Yard

Classes of 2002-2013

(University Yard)

Classes of 1989-2001 Kogan Plaza & Mid-Campus Quad

Classes of 1989-2001

(Kogan Plaza & Mid-Campus Quad)