Alumni Association Grant Program

The mission of the GWAA grants program is to provide supplemental funding to support specific programs sponsored by GW-affiliated alumni organizations and other student groups. The focus of these programs must be consistent with the overall mission of the GWAA and align with GWAA’s commitment to diversity and inclusiveness. 

Application Deadlines

Thank you for your interest in the GWAA grant program. The application process for fiscal year 2017 (July 1, 2016—June 30, 2017) is now closed. Please check back in July for updated information on program. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact

How to Apply


1. Each organization requesting funds must submit this online grant application form which will be reviewed by the GWAA Programs Committee.
2. The grant application, not exceed three pages, should include an outline of the event/activity; how the program/activity meets these selection criteria; and a proposed budget must be included.
3. More than one programming event/activity can be included in these proposals.
4. No GWAA grant shall exceed $2,500; and no constituent alumni organization shall receive more than $2,500 in grants in any fiscal year (July 1-June 30).
5. While a group can apply for multiple grants in one fiscal year, no group will be awarded any additional grants if it has not yet fulfilled the requirements and requisite follow-up steps from a previous awarded grant within said fiscal year.
6. Only GW alumni and students can be the point of contact on GWAA grant applications. Current members of the GWAA Board of Directors are ineligible to serve as the point of contact on GWAA grant applications.
7. The Committee will make its decision and notify grant applicants within 14 days of the application submission deadlines (listed above).
8. If a grant application is approved, recipients will receive their funding in the form of a reimbursement after the event has taken place and once the required Follow-Up and Grant Reimbursement forms are submitted.


  1. Degree to which there is collaboration with other alumni and student organizations or University programs
  2. Degree to which current students are part of the programming mix, in order to cultivate a long-term relationship with the Alumni Association and the University
  3. Degree to which GWAA funds are leveraged with either University and/or outside funds
  4. Degree to which the program engages alumni in a long-term, meaningful way
  5. Degree to which a balance can be achieved between supporting programs that reach out to and engage the broadest number of alumni, and programs that reach out to and engage strategically targeted segments of the alumni body
  6. Degree to which program achieves at least one of the following goals: Engages a large number of alumni who were previously disengaged with the GW community and/or the GW alumni community (including, but not limited to recent grads) and engages a significant percentage of the alumni within a specific constituency group.
  7. Degree to which a group (if a previous grant recipient) has complied with grant program requirements and requisite follow-up steps when receiving previous grants.


1. If your grant application is approved then detailed requirements for publicizing your event and the required follow up information will be sent to you. It is important to note that all grant recipients agree that:
  • All event marketing materials (both print and electronic/online items) will list the GW Alumni Association as a co-sponsor.
  • They will submit an event attendance list and all requested follow up items by the deadlines listed in requirement #3.
2. All approved events must have a minimum of 10 alumni in attendance in order to receive the full allocation. 
3. In order to process grant payments in a timely manner, 3 weeks from the date of your event grant recipients must:
  • Submit the Follow-Up Form, all marketing materials (both print and online) and the event attendance list to
  • Submit the Grant Reimbursement Request Form along with the original invoices/receipts no later than; and
  • Submit proof of payment (e.g. credit card/bank statement, university BPR, etc.) showing the expenditure(s) incurred.