Course Audit

The Alumni Course Audit Program gives all GW alumni the benefit of attending a wide selection of GW courses on a not-for-credit basis and is a rewarding way to:

  • enhance professional skills
  • increase knowledge
  • pursue a commitment to lifelong learning


The program is available to GW alumni of all ages and local residents 60 years of age and older who live in the neighborhoods surrounding GW's Foggy Bottom and Mount Vernon campuses, specifically zip codes 20037 and 20006.


  • Online Registration Form Opens: January 9, 2017
  • First Day Forms are Sent to the Registrar: January 17, 2017
  • Last Day Forms can be Submitted Without Late Fee: February 3, 2017

Permission to Audit

The professor must sign the Course Approval Form or you must collect an email from the professor stating that he or she gives permission and upload the form/email while you register online. In order to ask the professor, we suggest either emailing the professor or asking the professor in person on the first day of the course.

Registration Fees

Alumni under the age of 60: $125.00
Alumni age 60 or over: $65.00
Local residents (non-alumni) age 60 or over: $65.00
**Note: If a course has an associated Lab Fee, Music Course Fee, or Art Course Fee listed on the Schedule of Classes, auditors will be billed for that fee through the Student Accounts office. Auditors are required to pay those fees, and should submit payment directly to Student Accounts. Lab, Music Course, and Art Course Fees are not processed through the Office of Alumni Relations and should not be submitted with registration fee payments.

Course Audit FAQs


All GW Alumni are eligible to participate (that is anyone who took at least 15 full credits at GW). Former staff, faculty, or medical residents are not eligible to audit. Current graduate students are not eligible, unless they are already are alumni of GW.  If an alumnus/a is in a current graduate program he/she must get a memo from the dean of his/her program stating that the class being audited will not be used for the degree program in which he/she is enrolled. Local Foggy Bottom Seniors (ages 60 and above) are also eligible to participate if they live in zip codes 20006 or 20037.

Blackboard Access

After your registration has been officially completed by the Registrar, you will receive an email from our office explaining that your registration is confirmed.  About 24 hours after you are officially registered you will have access to Blackboard.


You will be charged when you register using the online form. At the end of part one of registration, you will be asked to pay for your course. We will not register you officially without payment being accepted. If you choose to pay by check, you may mail a check in, but this may add another 5-7 business days to the processing time of your registration. If we do not receive payment within two weeks of your submission of registration, we will not register you for the course.

If you need a receipt, please email and the coordinator will email you a receipt of the charge.  If you are having someone else pay for you, please make a note of that on your form or email us that you are doing so. This way we will not postpone sending in your registration form.

Withdrawals and Refunds

If you need to withdraw from the course and receive a refund you may do this within the first two weeks of each semester. If it is past this date, you cannot receive a refund and it is under the discretion of the program coordinator in the case of extenuating circumstances as to whether or not you may receive a partial refund.


If your course is waitlisted, you must wait three weeks and resubmit your registration.  We cannot override a waitlisted course. If we see during registration that your course is waitlisted, we will send you an email explaining the resubmission process and asking if you would like to enroll in an alternative course. If you are not interested in another course, we will withdraw your registration and give you a refund.  If you are taking a CCE course and we have met the alumni auditor limit (two per class) or the class has been cancelled, we will let you know by email.

Corcoran Continuing Education

Corcoran College of Art & Design Alumni: Alumni of Corcoran College of Art & Design are now able to audit courses as they have been added to our alumni community!  They will register as GW Alumni throughout the process. 

Corcoran School of Arts and Design Classes:

Corcoran classes are now considered GW classes, so they will be available to audit, only if they are approved by the professor/department and are not on the excluded course list. Please reach out to the Office of Alumni Relations with any questions and/or concerns.

Corcoran Continuing Education Classes:

The Corcoran Continuing Education Program is only available to non-degree students and students enrolled in the Continuing Education Certificate program.  We are now offering a limited number of these courses in our Alumni Course Audit Program. The available courses are listed below and each have 2 reserved seats for alumni available. If the class is bolded, it has been confirmed to run this semester, otherwise, if a class is not filled by students first, it may be cancelled.


The fees will include the normal audit fee through our audit program, plus a lab fee which will be billed to you by Student Accounts. If the class is cancelled, you will receive a full refund and you will be notfied as soon as our office is alerted.

Corcoran Courses Available to Audit:

CRNCourse NumberCourseMax EnrollmentWeekly Meeting PatternTime
1400 AA
Intro Botanical Drawing2U1:30pm-4:45pm
1558 AA
Intro Interior Design Non-Prof2T6:00pm-9:15pm
1825 AA
Introduction to the Wheel2U


56443CCE 2120 AAIntermediate Painting2W6:30pm-9:45pm
56199CCE 2341 AAWoodworking & Furniture Design2T6:30pm-9:45pm