Excluded Courses

All online courses are excluded. Even if a course is available to audit, the professor still has the right to refuse to have auditors in his or her class. 

Department Excluded Courses Permission given by
Academy of Classical Acting All courses Katherine White
English Department All distance education courses and courses numbered 4000 and above.  
Interior Architecture IA 3300, Studio 3, CRN 62676
IA 6300 Studio 3, CRN, 62616
Liz Meitner, Program Administrator Interior Architecture
Communication COMM 3110: Research Methods
COMM 4196: Independent Study
COMM 4199: Senior Seminar
Dr. Clay Warren
Communication Program Director
Museum Studies Program None of our Smithsonian courses are open for audit. Roxann Edwards, Program Administrator
East Asian Languages and Literatures Excluded courses: First, second and third year language
courses and drills, EALL courses, Independent Study,
Directed Readings, Proseminars, and courses numbered
3110, 3124, 3136, 3162, 3163, 3171, 3172, 3189, 3190, 3841, 4108, ,4119, 4122 and all 6000 level courses.
Rose Marie Myalil
Department Operations Coord.
East Asian Langs.& Lits
English for Academic Purposes (EAP) No EAP courses are available for audit  
Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies Program No changes but we follow these guidelines:

Faculty may give priority to degree students over non-degree if space is limited.
Faculty may decline to have an "auditor" (someone attending but not for a grade).
Audited (no grade) courses cannot later transfer to count toward a degree or certificate.
Naeemah Raqib - administrative
Cynthia Deitch - graduate advisor
Nemata Blyden - director
Chemistry All lab courses.
Alumni may audit the lecture portion of a course, but may not enroll in a lab section.
Michael King
College of Professional Studies Online courses are not available for audit EXCEPT Publishing (PSPB) courses - they may be audited in Summer 2018 Melissa Feuer, Assistant Dean of Students
Electrical & Computer Engineering Department Research courses (ECE 6050), special topics (ECE 6045), continuing education, thesis courses are not able to be used for auditing purposes Robert Baden