Excluded Courses

All online courses are excluded. Even if a course is available to audit, the professor still has the right to refuse to have auditors in his or her class. 

Department Excluded Courses Permission given by
Africana Studies There are no courses being offered under Africana Studies in the Spring 2018 semester Constance Kibler
American Studies AMST 1000, AMST 3900, AMST 3901, AMST 4500, all graduate level courses Mona Azadi, Dept. Operations Supervisor
Chemistry Cannot take classes with labs Michael King
College of Professional Studies All online classes are excluded Melissa Feuer, Assistant Dean of Students.
Communication COMM 3110: Research Methods
COMM 4196: Independent Study
COMM 4199: Senior Seminar
Dr. Clay Warren
Communication Program Director
East Asian Languages and Literatures Excluded courses: First, second and third year language
courses and drills, EALL courses, Independent Study,
Directed Readings, Proseminars, and courses numbered
3110, 3124, 3136, 3162, 3163, 3171, 3172, 3189, 3190, 3841, 4108, ,4119, 4122 and all 6000 level courses.
Rose Marie Myalil
Department Operations Coord.
East Asian Langs.& Lits
[email protected]
Electrical & Computer Engineering Research courses, special topics, continuing education, thesis courses are not able to be used for auditing purposes  
English Department ENGL 1000, ENGL 1050, ENGL 1340W, ENGL 1365, ENGL 2210, ENGL 2800W, and all courses numbered 4000 and above Constance Kibler
English for Academic Purposes (EAP) No EAP courses are available for audit  
Film Studies Film Theory (FILM 2151)
Film Genres (FILM 2152)
Screenwriting (FILM 2155)
Advanced Screenwriting (FILM 2156)
Finance MSF courses may only be attended by MSF Alumni Robert Savickas
Interior Architecture Interior Architecture
IA 6100 Studio 1
IA 6200, Studio = 2
IA 6300, Studio 3
IA 6400, Studio 4
IA 6500 Studio 5
IA 6450, Research Seminar for Studio 5

IA 2100, Studio 1
IA 3200, Studio 2
IA 3300, Studio 3
IA 4400, Studio 4
IA 4500, Studio 5
IA 4450, Pre-Design for Studio 5
IA 6100 Studio 1

IA 6300, Studio 3
IA 6400, Studio 4
IA 6500 Studio 5
IA 6450, Research Seminar for Studio 5
Liz Meitner
Program Administrator
Interior Architecture
MS in Finance

All courses in the MSF Program are open to MSF alumni only. We do not accept alumni if they are not MSF.

FINA 6271 Financial Modeling and Econometrics
FINA 6272 Global Financial Markets
FINA 6273 Cases in Financial Management and Investment Banking
FINA 6274 Corporate Financial Management and Modeling
FINA 6275 Investment Analysis and Global Portfolio Management
FINA 6276 Financial Engineering and Derivative Securities
FINA 6277 Comparative Financial Market Regulation and Development
FINA 6278 Financial Theory and Research
FINA 6279 Real Estate Finance and Fixed-Income Security Valuation
FINA 6280 Financial Institution Management and Modeling
FINA 6281 Cases in Financial Modeling and Engineering
FINA 6282 Advanced Financial Econometrics and Modeling

Christina Kano, Administrative Director, [email protected]
RGSLL (French language only) French 1001, 1002, 1003, 1004, 2005 & 2006 Brad Marshall
Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies 37146 (AMST/HIST/WGSS 2380) Professor Chad Heap Department Operations Coordinator