Excluded Courses

All online courses are excluded. Even if a course is available to audit, the professor still has the right to refuse to have auditors in his or her class. 

Department Excluded Courses Permission given by
English for Academic Purposes (EAP) All EAP courses are excluded from the Alumni Course Audit Program. N/A
American Studies AMST 1000 AMST 3900, AMST 4500, ALL AMST 6000+ level courses Course Professor, Department Chair
Communication Program COMM 3110: Research Methods
COMM 4196: Independent Study
COMM 4199: Senior Seminar
Course Professor, Department Chair
Electrical & Computer Engineering Research courses (ECE 6050), special topics (ECE 6045), continuing education, and dissertation/thesis research courses are excluded Course Professor
Finance FIN 6271, FIN 6272, FIN 6273, FIN 6274, FIN 6275, FIN 6276, FIN 6277, FIN 6278, FIN 6279, FIN 6280, FIN 6281, FIN 6282 These are MSF courses and require MSF candidacy
College of Professional Studies Online courses are not available for audit EXCEPT Publishing (PSPB) courses - they may be audited in Fall 2018 Program Director
Chemistry All lab sections. Alumni, etc. can audit any class except a lab section. Course Professor
RGSLL (French language only) There is no alumni auditing of French language courses (Fren 1001, 1002, 1003, 1004, 2005, 2006) during the Fall or Spring semesters. For French literature (3000 and above) or other languages, you will need to contact the directors of the other programs in RGSLL. N/A
English Engl 1000, 2800W, and courses numbered 4000 and above. Course Professor
Organizational Leadership and Learning (OLL) All OLL courses in the department of Human and Organizational Learning at Graduate School of Education and Human Development are restricted to active OLL Master's students only. All OLL courses are excluded from the Alumni Course Audit Program Program Director
GWSB Undergraduate Programs The following courses may not be audited: BADM 1001, 1002, 1003, 1004, 3001, and 1900 (Excel I/II). N/A