Class Reunions 2015

Return, Reconnect, Reminisce - #GWAW15

Reunions are significant milestones. Not only are they a great way to catch up with old friends and visit favorite haunts, but they also provide the chance to make new connections, expand your professional network, and learn about exciting changes taking place on campus.

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2015 Reunion Classes
This year, we are celebrating reunions for classes that end in 5s and 0s: 1965, 1970, 1975, 1980, 1985, 1990, 1995, 2000, and 2005, and 2010. The class of 2014 is also celebrating a special 1-year reunion during Alumni Weekend. 
Class reunions occur during Alumni Weekend, September 24-27, 2015.  Reunion Celebrations for the classes of 2014, 2010, 2005, 2000, 1995, 1990, 1985, 1980, 1975, and 1970 will occur on Saturday, September 26, 7-9pm, and will be followed by a special concert by musical guest Janelle Monáe. The class of 1965 will celebrate its reunion on Friday, September 25, 1-3pm.  View the full Alumni Weekend schedule for details.
Come back, Give back! Honor your memories and help enhance the possibilities for current and future Colonials with a gift to your GW school or department, Athletics, the Library, or Power & Promise for scholarships and student aid. So, come back and give back! Make a gift in honor of your reunion today!
2015 Reunion Committees
Reunion planning is a team effort between the Office of Alumni Relations and a committee of alumni volunteers, often led by a reunion chair or co-chairs. We are hoping to build a committed group of volunteers, representative of your entire class, who are willing to help create a buzz leading up to Alumni Weekend. No matter the amount of time you are able to commit, we have an opportunity for you! Get involved - Join a committee today!
Class of 2014 1-year Reunion
Rachael Abram, CCAS BA '14
Rayna Bagchi, ESIA BA '14
Jonathan Carfagno, CCAS BA '14
Miriam Cleeman, CCAS BA '14
Max Dismore, GWSB BBA '14
Will Ellingson, GWSB BBA '14
Jennifer Fox, ESIA BA '14
Michael Geraltowski, ESIA BA '14
Corey Gregory, GWSB BBA '14
Kolton Gustafson, CCAS BA '14
Samantha Herman, CCAS BA '14
Chelsea Lenhart, CCAS BA '14
Tyler Miranda, CCAS BA '14
Alexandra O'Halloran, ESIA BA '14
Katherine Pena, GWSB BBA '14
Matthew Scott, GWSB BBA '14
Andrea Sestanovich, CCAS BA '14
Justin Solar, CCAS BA '14

Class of 2010 5-year Reunion
Katrina Ablen, ESIA BA '10
Monoke Akinso, GWSPH BS '10
Kori Clanton, CCAS BA '10
Amina Colter, CCAS BA '10
Jodleen Doricent, CCAS BS '10
Brendan Gilmartin, ESIA BA '10
Tim Gowa, CCAS BA '10
Abby Hildebrand, CCAS BA '10
Justin Hollimon, CCAS BA '10
Sarah Khederian, CCAS BA '10
Lori-Ann Lowe, CCAS BA '10
Megan Melloy, ESIA BA '10
Lori Silberman, CCAS BA '10
Kelley Stokes, CCAS BA '10, GSEHD MA '12
Greta Twombly, CCAS BA '10
Shalini Wickramatilake, ESIA BA '10
Brittney Wright, CCAS BA '10

Class of 2005 10-year Reunion
Maria Apud, CCAS BA '05, ESIA MA '14
David Benson, GWSPH BS '05
Bryan Ferretti, CCAS BA '05
Joshua Giles, GWSB BBA '05
Kristen Harvey, GWSB BBA '05
Richard Hekemian, CCAS BA '05
Jennifer Holm, GWSB BBA '05
Daniel LeClair, CCAS BA '05
Jessica McGuire, GWSB BBA '05
Shari Merrill, ESIA BA '05
Erica Mirick, GWSB BBA '05
Christopher Monroe, CCAS BA '05
Layla Rafael, GWSB BBA '05
Tassos Recachinas, SEAS BS '05
Jonathan Weeks, CCAS BA '05
Phillip Zeeck, CCAS BA '05, GSPM MA '07

Class of 2000 15-year Reunion
Alan Elias, ESIA BA '00, GSPM MA '02
Danielle Friedman, CCAS BA '00
Raoul Gabiam, SEAS BS '00, MS '02
Eduardo Han, ESIA BA '00
Dan Reardon, CCAS BA '00
Alexis Rice, CCAS BA '00

Class of 1995 20-year Reunion
Frank Anderson, CCAS BA '95
Janeen Latini, CCAS BA '95, GSHED MA '97
Doug Matties, GWSB BBA '95
John Ramirez, GWSB BBA '95
Robert Snyder, GWSB BBA '95

Class of 1990 25-year Reunion
Deanna Dopslaf, CCAS BA '90
Jonathan Klee, CCAS BA '90
Adam Lubkin, GWSB BBA '90
Kristina Messner, CCAS BBA '90

Class of 1985 30-year Reunion
Andrea Bitz, CCAS BA '85
Robin Feldman, CCAS BA '85
Stacey Hipsman, GWSB BBA '85
Eileen Kahn, CCAS BA '85

Class of 1980 35-year Reunion
Richard Fogg, CCAS BA '80
Elizabeth Renwick, GSEHD BS '80

Class of 1975 40-year Reunion
Steven Frenkil, CCAS BA '74
Dena Weiss Luxenberg, CCAS BA '74
Juliet Zucker, CCAS BA '75

Class of 1970 45-year Reunion
Sharon Cooper, GSEHD BA '70, CCAS PhD '88
Candace Kaplan, CCAS BA '70
Rick Legon, CCAS BA '70, GWSB MA '73
Julie Misegades, CCAS BA '70
Andrea Stewart, CCAS BA '70, GSEHD MA '92

Class Yearbooks

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Class of 1970 Cherry Tree
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