Alumni Travel

 Experience it. Learning is a lifelong adventure and the GW Alumni Travel Program makes it a global event. As a GW graduate, you have access to this world-class program that specializes in cultural immersion and educational experiences.  Your  GW diploma is your passport to a lifetime of discovery.

 Embrace it. Join fellow alumni, faculty, friends, and family as we venture beyond the typical vacation and explore the world's architecture, music, politics, literature, art, nature, and food. There are trips for every taste, in every corner of the  planet.

 Enjoy it. Our custom excursions are packed with fun, fascinating experiences. Professional tour operators create them and they all come with superior service at an excellent value. Expert guides and study leaders point you in all the right  directions to make sure that every day is engaging, enriching, and enjoyable. 

 Turn some of your travels in 2015 into stimulating, illuminating GW Adventures. Featured destinations include Tanzania, Tahiti, Tuscany, and and more!  This year's travel program selections promise something for everyone – so  pack your  bags and come along!

 2015 Alumni Travel