Alumni in Focus: Andrew Desiderio, BA ‘17

Capitol Hill reporter Andrew Desiderio, BA ‘17, shares how GW played an important role in his career covering Congress and gives advice for aspiring journalists.

April 27, 2023

Andrew Desiderio headshot

Tell us about your current professional role.

“I've been reporting on Capitol Hill ever since graduating from GW, and I was able to hit the ground running because of the role GW (and SMPA in particular) played in my professional development. I've covered two presidential impeachment trials, dozens of Senate campaigns, Senate leadership, and more. And I've developed an expertise in foreign policy over the last few years, which is an exciting beat on Capitol Hill. In that role, I've gotten to travel abroad with members of Congress. And I'm now covering Congress with my third outlet — first The Daily Beast, then Politico for 4 years, and now Punchbowl News, where I just started in December.”

What accomplishment are you most proud of, personally or professionally?

“I'm most proud of my coverage of the two Trump impeachments. I co-led our coverage of both, including the Senate trials, and broke a lot of news along the way. I'm also proud of my coverage of lawmakers traveling abroad, especially for last year's NATO Summit in Madrid, which I was able to attend. That trip carried a lot of significance given that Russia's invasion of Ukraine had just begun a few months earlier.”

Was there a standout course, professor, or organization from your time as a student that inspired your career path?

“My standout professors included Steve Roberts, Cheryl Thompson, Roxanne Russell and Frank Sesno, all of whom were essential to my professional development as a journalist. I also cherish my time at GW-TV, where I served as the general manager my senior year and hosted the political news show, Colonial Crossfire.”

What was your favorite only-at-GW moment?

“It was definitely the ability to work at various news organizations in D.C. while still attending classes as a GW student. This wasn't something I could have done at any other university. I interned at BBC News and The Daily Beast during different semesters, and was able to balance my internship hours with my class schedule.” 

What is one piece of advice you’d offer to students looking to pursue a career in journalism?

“Persistence. It's a good quality to have as a journalist when you're reporting out a story, so it's important to show persistence with job opportunities as well. The hiring managers will notice, believe me!”