Information for Alumni

Our informal networking events are a blend of in-person and/or virtual and offer GW students an opportunity to build connections with members of the alumni community and learn from their experiences. Alumni play an integral role in these programs by providing guidance to current GW students. Taking the time to connect with students creates a lasting impact. We encourage conversations about campus and community activities, field(s) of study, current professional role, and career selection and progression. Alumni coffee/dinner hosts represent a range of industries and interests, and are in various stages of their careers.


Apply to be a host


The Office of Alumni Relations & Annual Giving will market the event to students through a variety of channels on campus and registration will be taken through GW Handshake. Students apply for each event and are selected by our team. Information about the students will be shared with hosts in advance of the event.

Additional information about each program is available below. If you have any questions, please contact the program coordinator.

Tips for alumni:

Event Format
  • A coffee/dinner can last for anywhere better 45 - 90 minutes depending on the number of students attending and the conversation.
  • We encourage conversations about your campus and community activities, field(s) of study, current professional role, and your career selection and progression.
  • This is meant to be an informal networking experience providing an opportunity for GW students to build connections and learn from your experiences. 
  • Students are asked to research your employer and prepare questions to ask during the event. 
  • They are expected to share what information they would like to learn, initiate conversation, and gather information about the host’s experiences in a particular career path.
  • Students are reminded that this is not a time to ask for a job with your organization.
Recommended Questions and Agenda
  • What are you hoping to gain from this conversation?
  • How did you decide on your major? What career are you hoping to pursue? 
  • Have you held any internships and how did it shape your potential career path?
  • How are you building a professional network?
  • Are you taking advantage of resources on campus?  If so, what have you learned?

Sample agenda for the event:

  • 10 minutes – Host & Student Introductions
  • 25 minutes – Host shares regarding GW experience, career path & current industry
  • 25 minutes – Student Questions
Location Recommendations
  • If held in person, events are typically held on weekdays between September through April. The program coordinator will need at least 10 business days to promote and recruit for the event.
  • The host is expected to select a location (and make reservations, if necessary). The best locations are metro-accessible and/or near campus (making it easier for students to attend).
  • In some cases, these events have been held on weekends and during lunchtime and via GW Zoom.  The program coordinator will set up the GW Zoom call for the event and provide information to all the attendees.
  • During official university breaks, events can be held in other cities where there is a high concentration of students if there is interest.
  • If you need recommendations for local restaurants and coffee shops, please contact the student-alumni program coordinator.
Student Registration Process
  • Students must register through GW HandShake, a career and event focused platform managed by the GW Center for Career Services.
  • Students are asked to answer three questions as part of the application process.
  • Staff within the Office of Alumni Relations & Annual Giving will review all applications and make selections based on your industry, school, on-campus organizations and/or any specific requests from the host.
  • Information about students will be shared with the host prior to the event via email. 
Policies and FAQs
  • Your payment for in-person coffee/dinner will be considered a gift-in-kind to the university once your itemized receipt is submitted to the program coordinator.
  • Alcohol is not permitted at events whether or not the students are 21 years of age. Alcohol includes wine, beer, liquor, and mixed drinks.