Informal Networking

Dinner with students and alumni

Coffee With Colonials (CWC)

Coffee with Colonials offers new GW students the opportunity to start building a professional network. Students connect with members of our young alumni community and learn about their experiences at GW and beyond. Conversation topics include campus activities and clubs, seeking leadership and professional advice, and reflecting on the GW experience. Alumni hosts - who are in the early stages of their careers - represent a range of past on-campus activities and professional industries. CWC is typically held during the months of October, November, March, and April within the D.C. metro area. All Coffee with Colonials events will be posted in GW HandShake.

Dinner with Alumni (DWA)

Established in 2004, the Dinner with Alumni (DWA) program offers an opportunity for GW students to build connections with members of our alumni community and learn from their experiences. Dinner attendees share areas of study and career interests, seek professional advice, and reflect on the GW experience. Alumni hosts represent a range of industries and interests, and are in various stages of their careers. Dinners are held during the months of October, November, March, and April, within the D.C. metro area.

Hosting a Coffee or Dinner

Alumni play an integral role in these programs by providing guidance to current GW students. Taking the time to meet with students creates a lasting impact. We encourage conversations about your campus and community activities, field(s) of study, current professional role, and your career selection and progression. This is meant to be an informal networking experience. If you have initial questions or are a first-time host, contact the staff coordinator.

Apply to be a Host 

Please keep in mind that events are typically held on weekdays, and the best locations are metro-accessible and/or near campus (making it easier for students to attend). Once a location is confirmed, the Office of Alumni Relations will market the CWC or DWA event to students through a variety of channels on campus. Students apply for each meeting or dinner and are then selected by our team. Information about the students will be shared with hosts in advance of the event. If you have initial questions or are a first-time host, please contact the staff coordinator.