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The Office of Alumni Relations partners with alumni volunteers to offer a variety of GW alumni networks, including Regional and International Alumni Networks, Multicultural and Affinity Alumni NetworksSchool Alumni Networks, and Alumni Industry Networks.

The networks host events throughout the year designed to connect GW alumni both socially and professionally. Alumni networks rely on volunteers to help plan programming and recruit new members.

Volunteer for a network

Regional and International Alumni Networks

U.S. Regional and International Alumni Networks are volunteer-led networks that connect GW alumni to fellow alumni in their regions. Alumni living in areas with regional networks are automatically members.

Multicultural and Affinity Alumni Networks

Multicultural and Affinity Alumni Networks offer alumni the opportunity to celebrate diversity in the GW alumni community and connect around shared interests and identities.

School Alumni Networks

School Alumni Networks keep GW alumni connected with their schools and with fellow graduates of their schools. Alumni are automatically members of their school networks.

Alumni Industry Networks

Industry Networks provide alumni with opportunities to connect with fellow alumni in professional areas of their choosing through both virtual and in-person networking programs.