Volunteer Spotlight: Lissette Ortiz, MPA ‘21

September 20, 2023

Lissette Ortiz headshot

Lissette Ortiz, MPA ‘21

Current Volunteer Role: Volunteer and former co-chair, GW Latino Alumni Network

How long have you been a GW volunteer and what is your role?

I have had the privilege of serving as a volunteer for over two and a half years. Initially joining as a volunteer, I subsequently transitioned to take on the role of co-chair within the Latino Alumni Network.

Why do you choose to volunteer, and what have you gained from the experience?

Volunteering with the Latino Alumni Network was a decision rooted in my desire to foster a stronger sense of community among Latinx individuals at GW. I recognized the need for a space where we could collectively forge connections, cultivate impactful experiences for fellow alumni, and provide a genuine sense of belonging. Through my engagement with the network, I have gained invaluable insights into the power of community-driven initiatives. Moreover, I've expanded my personal and professional network, connecting with fellow volunteers who share the same passion. 

Are there any upcoming events or initiatives within the Latino Alumni Network that you're excited about?

The Latino Alumni Network is currently gearing up for an exciting event that I'm eagerly looking forward to—the virtual career panel. 

What has been your favorite memory, event, etc. from your time in the network?

Reflecting on my time within the network, one particular memory stands out vividly. Collaborating with the Black Alumni Association to host an event titled "The Best of Both Worlds: Celebrating Black and Latino Artists" was a remarkable experience. Witnessing the convergence of two vibrant cultures through art and dialogue was not only engaging but also a celebration of diversity and unity. This event underscored the power of collaboration. 

In conclusion, my journey as a GW volunteer within the Latino Alumni Network has been an enriching and transformative experience.